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multi-purpose femtosecond lasers for CATARACT, FLACS, and LASIK surgery

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femtosecond lasers


Hundreds of ophthalmic surgeons around the world use Ziemer’s femtosecond ldv lasers with an ultra short pulse for laser-assisted cataract surgery, LASIK, and other refractive procedures.

Our advanced technology allows for small, overlapping spots, which minimize tissue damage. And clean incisions. The compact, mobile unit makes economic sense, too. The Ziemer LDV line is easy to share among multiple ORs. And drive to other locations in a standard van. more >

cataract and lasik planning

topographer / tomographer

The Galilei Topographer fuses two technologies to deliver the most accurate data possible: Ziemer’s proprietary algorithm blends Scheimpflug and Placido technologies to offer a roadmap for precise surgical planning. For the doctor’s convenience and the patient’s comfort, the Galilei delivers full test results in less than two seconds.
The G4 topographer offers dozens of invaluable reports for applications like cataract surgery, refractive surgery, corneal implants, and other procedures. more >

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pre-owned equipment

Swiss trained technicians refurbish gently used Ziemer femtosecond lasers and Galilei topographers for sale as pre-owned equipment. Our inventory varies depending on the market. If you’re interested in pre-owned lasers or topographers, please email Wayne Hopkins. Please specify the products you’re searching for, or contact our support center. We will contact you as equipment becomes available.

news + events

ASCRS 2018 Wet Labs: Schedule Expanded


Due to demand at last year’s ASCRS meeting, we’ve added dozens of femtosecond wet lab sessions. Now you can choose a Cataract or Corneal procedure session, or both. Sessions are available from 9:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. on April 14, 15 and 16.

But there’s more. We’re posting a full-slate of speakers throughout the conference. Learn more about in our ASCRS speaker’s schedule here.

To book your wet lab, make reservations on our ASCRS event page

Ziemer Pops a Wheelie for Efficiency

“We just wheel it up to the bed; I don’t have to take patients to a laser room and then move to the OR. No one has to cut surgical volume to add this femtosecond laser. And I think this technology will extend the longevity of our surgical careers as well.”

Bret L. Fisher, M.D., is the medical director of the Eye Center of North Florida in Panama City

Try a Femtosecond before you Buy

Ziemer’s Try Before You Buy Program allows you to perform cataract and LASIK procedures in the comfort of your own practice. Laser, physician and tech training all included. more >

New Surgeon Testimonials

Find out what top surgeons are saying about Ziemer Femtosecond lasers on our new testimonials page.

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The LDV’s lower energy and small spot size potentially reduces inflammation and helps deliver excellent results.


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