Video – Loden – Why Select


Why Select a Ziemer Femtosecond Laser

Jim Loden, M.D.
Nashville, Tennessee

Well, I’ve been in the femto business doing femto cataracts for years. We started out even before some of the lasers were approved using an Intralase with some modifications that we had developed to do arcuate incisions and to do the clear cornea incisions in paracentesis so that we could say we were doing laser cataract surgery. Then we progressed to a more advanced cataract femtosecond lasers. I have a Lensar Laser at my Nashville office.

And then we were looking for a laser in my rural Paris, Tennessee office but the center is an older center built in the 1980s, more for extra cataract surgery. The ORs are very small. There’s no additional room space to house a free-standing laser. So, we were looking from a logistic standpoint — what laser can we find that we can get in there that’s highly mobile, can be pushed away in a corner nice and easily but brought over when we do it and be able to implement high-quality surgery that you would normally see in a major city in rural west Tennessee.

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