Video – Lobanoff – Cutting Flaps


Advantage of Ziemer’s Low Energy Spots

Mark Lobanoff, M.D.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

So, one of the unique things about the Ziemer Laser is it uses such a low energy per shot that it allows you to treat over eyes that have had previous surgery. So, you can actually cut brand new flaps over old laser flaps. Because I do a lot of work with, again, contour topographic-guided LASIK, the epithelium – the top layer of the cornea is critical to that topography, so you want to preserve it.

And so, for a lot of these patients, particularly the research project presented at AECOS, we needed to show that we could use a laser, create a thin flap, preserve the epithelium, preserve the topography and Ziemer allowed us to do that. And so, what we’re able to do is Ziemer can uniquely allow us to make these flaps, these very aberrant corneas, other femtosecond lasers cannot do that. So, it’s been a critical tool for topographic-guided treatments for very irregular corneas.

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