This year, the Ziemer Academy travels to Singapore (March 6 to 7, and August 14 to 15); Moscow (June 1 to 2); and Beirut (March 26 to 27)

The training courses, designed for surgeons with little or no experience with our technology, feature experts from SNEC, Fyodorov, AUB, and Ziemer. They’ll help you accelerate your learning curve with their in-depth tips and tricks for the FEMTO LDV Z8 laser and the GALILEI G6 diagnostic devices.
Topics covered in the educational sessions include:

  • The unique FEMTO LDV low energy laser technology
  • Cataract and Cornea: Overview of available applications
  • Live surgery Cataract and Cornea
  • Exchange of experience with the experts
  • Tips and tricks on FEMTO LDV Z8
  • Porcine wet labs for Cataract, Keratoplasties, LASIK, tunnels for Rings, Pockets)

For additional information, please contact [email protected]