1. They feel the need for speed. With an average test time of less than three seconds, Galilei’s dual Scheimpflug cameras gather data faster, which helps maintain patient attention and reduces the time for the eye to dry and distort data. Faster speed equals more accuracy!

2. Precision! Placido Topography provides highly accurate anterior corneal curvature with precise detection of anterior surface irregularities and tear film quality.

3. And even more precision! Dual Scheimpflug Tomography provides posterior corneal curvature and precise pachymetry and elevation plus 3D anterior chamber analysis. Plus ray-traced posterior corneal surface data can detect bulging and asymmetry in the early stages

4. Combined data is accurate data. Ziemer’s own proprietary algorithm sorts through and combines data to provide a precise surgical roadmap.

5. It’s fun to pronounce! Gal-ee-lay, Gal-ee-lay!

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