Sure, cataract surgery with a femtosecond laser can restore vision, increase the vibrancy of color, improve night vision and make reading a pleasure again, but did you ever wonder about the impact it might have when you get behind the wheel?

According to a new study with a driving simulator, cataract surgery in both eyes can cut the chance of auto accidents in half.

Jonathon Ng, MD, and his colleagues at the University of Western Australia wondered. They were curious about the measurable impacts of cataract surgery and how it might affect the driving skills of patients, so they decided to conduct a study.

Dr. Ng and his fellow researchers tested the driving performance of 44 patients before they had cataract surgery using a driving simulator. The simulator assessed a variety of variables such as adjusted speed limits, traffic density, uncontrolled intersections, and pedestrian crossings.

Patients were tested on the driving simulator again after their first surgery and then again after their second eye surgery. After the first, near misses and crashes decreased by 35 percent and after the second surgery, the number fell to 48 percent.

The improved quality of vision provided by the surgery enhanced contrast sensitivity and night vision as well as overall sight, resulting in much safer driving, almost 50 percent safer.

So, for anyone considering cataract surgery and drives, the surgery could go a long way into making the roads safer. Your insurance agent will thank you, and other drivers will thank you.