For more than a decade, the ARSC Insight Blog houses a library of patient education material that provides clinically accurate information about LASIK and other vision correction procedures. The library, featuring more than 200 articles, is developed by RSC based on the questions, comments, and concerns voiced by the consumers online and all of the content is reviewed by the RSC editorial advisory board of surgeons to ensure clinical accuracy.

Refractive Surgery CouncilConsistently ranking in the top slots in Google for LASIK-related searches, RSC has become a trusted source for consumers, providing the most accurate information online for the most searched and asked questions about LASIK. This can be significant when stories in the news, like those featuring complications from LASIK surgery, cause an uptick in Internet searches. So, when negative news prompts consumers to search the Internet for information, RSC provides a clinically accurate and relevant source of information that can help counterbalance potentially sensationalized hype. As a result, RSC content works to protect and insulate during a negative news cycle as well as support organic traffic and leads over time.

Today, RSC is taking its investment in patient education information to the next level to create a consistent and verified content program for surgeons. RSC Verified provides surgeons access to RSC’s proven-to-perform content for their own blogs and social channels. Surgeons participating in RSC Verified are included in the “find a doctor” feature on RSC’s new EYE YOU website to send informed and engaged prospects into the practices to continue the vision correction discussion. The RSC Verified program is completely underwritten by RSC’s members and is provided at no cost to participating practices.

As part of the program, surgeons receive the RSC Verified seal to demonstrate the shared commitment to reducing confusion and increasing clarity for the consumer. The RSC Verified seal on the surgeon’s website acts as a beacon to guide prospects to trusted, accurate information to make an informed, unbiased decision about their vision correction options. RSC Verified practices also benefit from paid digital media campaigns, which delivers leads to participating practices.

Practices can sign up for RSC Verified by visiting the RSC Website.