Some doctors won’t settle for a bad call from an umpire or referee. They’re taking things into their own hands and offering free LASIK to the refs. If you’re a hockey fan, you’ll remember the boneheaded call made by a ref in the 2019 NHL playoff match between the St. Louis Blues and the San Jose Sharks. Fans raged for days, and one sportswriter called it “the worst call in playoff hockey ever in the history of the whole entire world and all of humanity.”

But instead of throwing their nachos at the big screen, the doctors at the St. Louis Eye Institute took a more positive approach with this offer on Facebook.

“The St. Louis Eye Institute is offering free LASIK surgery to correct the vision of the NHL refs who did not see a hand pass even though they were looking directly at the action.”

The very considerate organization made the offer on Facebook, posting this thoughtful message: “On behalf of all Blues fans, St. Louis Eye Institute is offering free LASIK eye surgery to any of the four referees officiating last night’s playoff game! Clearly, you need some help.”

Optometry practices are jumping into the officiating business.

After the New Orleans Saints loss to the Los Angeles Rams back in January, Louisiana Family Eyecare in Covington, La, stepped up to offer free eye exams for NFL referees. Here’s their Facebook post.

“We will GLADLY provide no-cost eye exams to all NFL officials before next season to prevent the atrocity that occurred tonight,” Louisiana Family Eyecare posted on Facebook. “We would hate
for someone else to feel our pain.” In fans aren’t happy in Texas, either, of Crystal Vision Center is doing its best to clean up the officiating on its side of the field with this Tweet:

“In light of the atrocious lack of calls during the New Orleans Saints game, we would like to extend free eye exams and glasses to any NFL referee in need. You know who you are.”