By Joanne Bara, Vice President U.S. Marketing and Education

It’s difficult to fully appreciate Ziemer’s Z8 femtosecond laser or our new Galilei G6 without putting your hands on one. That’s why we’re going all out at AA0 2019.

In addition to one-on-one tours of the G6, we’ll have two Z8 femtosecond lasers on hand. We’ll offer cataract and corneal procedures. Please book now for multiple procedures and demos.

You can try refractive procedures, such as LASIK and intrastromal pockets for inlays; therapeutic procedures – tunnels for intracorneal ring placement; and lamellar and penetrating keratoplasties.

What you’ll notice during your wet lab

1. The compact size of the laser, which is especially important if your practice is moving towards office-based cataract surgery. It can tuck in a closet when not in use, or transport to a satellite office via a van.

2. The ease of our articulating arm and handpiece gives you control of docking, and delivery of low energy technology precisely where it is needed. Opposed to the conventional joystick on the laser, you can hold the handpiece and be aware and compensate for patient movement. The arm also provides you with the flexibility to work with larger patients.

3. The versatility and efficiency of using one femtosecond laser for multiple procedures, which is wheeled to the patient and eliminates the intraoperative movement of the patient. So make wet lab reservations early, and try them all in multiple sessions at AAO. One laser also means one service contract and efficiency in training techs.

The new Galilei G6

We’ll also have three of our new G6s on hand. In addition to G4 software, we’ve added biometry measurements needed for cataract surgery.

New reports added include CLMI.x and Corneal Thickness Progression for diagnosing asymmetries in the cornea. Learn more about the G6 here.