For some doctors, the practice of medicine is turning from a labor of love to the daily grind. The reasons are well documented in this piece from Physicians Weekly, “Doctors losing the public’s trust.” The same EHR and insurance company protocols that irritate you are taking a toll on patients’ perception of physicians, too.

Many of the problems are inherent in our healthcare system. Take a look at this chart of top patient complaints. Do any of them pertain to your practice? What, if anything, can you do about them? We think education could go a long way in some of these categories. Be sure to share with your friends.

Points of pain

Source: Consumer Reports

81%   Unclear explanation of the problem
79%   Test results not communicated fast enough
78%   Billing disputes hard to resolve
78%   Hard to get quick appointment when sick
78%   Rushed during office visit
77%   Discharged too early from hospital
76%   Issues discussed within earshot of other patients
76%   Side-effects not fully explained
76%   Long wait for doctor in exam or waiting room
70%   Hard to reach doctor by phone or email
67%   Doctor too quick to recommend tests
65%   Inconvenient office hours
62%   Doctor won’t renew prescription without visit
41%   Doctor takes notes on device, not looking at patient
57%   Must fill out many forms in waiting room
57%   Doctor discourages alternative treatments