It’s easier than you might think. The first step is to understand what you want from blogging. Is it a way to educate patients, share information and insights with other doctors, or do you want to raise your profile and visibility with the profession? Or maybe you’d prefer to write about fly fishing or music. It doesn’t matter. The steps are the same:

  1. Determine your audience.
  2. Write titles or description of your first 5 posts.
  3. Start writing.
  4. Find a free WordPress template you like.
  5. Buy a domain name.
  6. You can probably set up the blog yourself. There are so many YouTube tutorials.
  7. Start posting on a regular basis. Let your ambition be your guide to how frequently you post. Two- three times a month would be great to start out.
  8. Start actively promoting your blog on social media, word-of-mouth with students and colleagues.
  9. Keep writing, and you’ll learn everything else as you go.