Experience the Z8 Laser in Your Practice

Are you contemplating the purchase of a femtosecond laser? If you are, put your credit card back in your wallet until you try out the Ziemer Femto Laser on cases in your own practice.

The Femtobility ’18 tour is designed to let you experience the mobility, precision and patient benefits of the Z8 for yourself.

Find out what other doctors have to say about the Z8 and why they decided to purchase one in our Video Center.

The Benefits of Femtobility

As opposed to our Gorilla-sized competitors, the Ziemer femtosecond lasers are like agile cats. They easily maneuver in tight spaces and roll between OR’s. They offer both laser-assisted LASIK, cataract surgeries and more.

Patients are happy with the better clinical outcomes, too. And don’t forget your grinning accountant!

What Your Trial Includes

Could you put Femtobility to work in your practice? Let’s find out.

We’ll deliver a Z8 Femtosecond Laser to your practice, set it up, train you and your staff, stock you up with disposables, and you can start performing procedures.

Find out how you can spend time with a Ziemer laser by calling Wayne Hopkins at 631-875-8560, or use our web form.