We have a double header this month, so let us make quick work of fireworks. In 2016, they accounted for 11,000 plus emergency room visits and four deaths.

  1. Don’t use consumer fireworks, period.
  2. What about sparklers? They burn at 2,000 degrees
  3. Firecrackers cause burns
  4. Roman Candles can blow off a child’s fingers

Bottom line: scare your patients!

Cataract Awareness Month

June is also cataract awareness month, and you can expect major organizations like Prevent Blindness and the National Eye Institute to raise awareness on a national level.

This presents a number of opportunities for your practice.

  • Increase your normal promotional activity, e.g. presentations and screenings
  • Create a screening event for your local community. Maybe a few of your colleagues will pitch in.
  • Send a press release about Cataract Awareness Month to media outlets and focus on ones that reach your patient demographics.
  • Find a podcast, radio or TV station, or health website, and pitch yourself as a cataract expert.
  • You see this disease every day, but many people who haven’t, aren’t aware of cataracts or the symptoms. You can help through education. And you’ll boost your rep at the same time and attract some new patients.