And gin up media attention for your practice and patients

In honor of Healthy Aging Month, we (reluctantly) acknowledge the fact that we’re all getting older. Reach out to your local media and offer yourself as a resource to discuss the potential eye problems that can come with aging. Here are a few media friendly talking points you can use:

Get regular screenings. There are a host of eye problems we face as we age, and by catching them early and administering treatment, we help make sure eyesight is preserved. Some of the problems we commonly see in older patients include:

Presbyopia. The number one eye problem, as we get older. Most of us will either have to get longer arms or “readers” to deal with this little joy of aging.

Cataracts are cloudy areas that cover all or part of the lens of the eye. In a healthy eye, the lens is clear like a camera lens. Some stay small and don’t affect sight but can be removed with surgery and replaced with an artificial lens.

Dry eyes happen when tear glands can’t make enough tears or produce low-quality tears. This problem may be more common among your patients who may have had LASIK surgery.

Glaucoma affects the eye’s optic nerve and results from too much pressure inside the eye. If the normal flow of the watery fluid between your cornea and lens is blocked, the fluid and pressure from it build up and if not diagnosed early can lead to permanent vision loss and blindness.

Retinal disorders like age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vessel occlusions, and detached retina. Early diagnosis and treatment can help head off vision loss.

A good pair of sunglasses with 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays can help slow the development of cataracts and protect sensitive eyes from the sun.

Regular exercise, good for our overall health as we age, can also help make sure our eyes are getting good circulation and enough oxygen.

And it’s important for people to know and share with their doctor their family’s eye health history. This can help identify potential problems and get the appropriate treatment as early as possible.