Save $20,000 off list price of any new Ziemer laser, and take off an additional $20,000 when you a trade-in your current femtosecond laser for a Ziemer Z4.

For a limited time, you can also defer payment for 20 weeks through our preferred lender*

So, upgrade your current femtosecond technology to the Femto Z4, and save with our limited time 20/20 offer.

Look forward to your Z4 Laser Upgrade

  • 3D flap capability with customizable side cut angle
  • Ability to fully customize the location, size, shape and depth of the flap before and after docking
  • Intrastromal Pockets for corneal inlays and Intracorneal Tunnels for Intacs

    Call Erin Bragg at (805)403-8988, or email her for more information

    *Additional terms & conditions may apply. Subject to credit approval.